Jack Hammer Slot Machines

Games that are found in casinos like Poker, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and Slots are the main features when it comes to online gambling and the members of these sites are growing daily. These games can be played on any device that supports an internet connection and is a safe way of participating in these games. One such game that is a new entry is the Jack Hammer Slot Machine game. The basic idea of this game is to assist a character called Detective Jack Hammer to locate and defeat an evil doctor named Doctor Wuten. The basics of the game are based on a slot machine but there some extra features that are discussed here.

The game consists of a slot machine that has a total of 5 reels with 3 rows. When the game begins, it looks as if there are more than 5 reels spinning at a time. A player is allowed to play a maximum of 25 lines. Along with this, there are some other features like free spins, the wild symbol and a symbol called scatter symbol. The Sticky Wins symbol is one of the most important symbols in the game. The betting in this game is simple and as discussed earlier, a player is allowed to play 25 fixed pay lines. Therefore, the player is betting for all the 25 spots. The range for the value of the coins available is between 0.01 till 1.00. But the level of the game ranges between 1 which is the minimum and 10 which is the maximum. This being the case, the highest a player can play for is 250 credits for every spin or turn that he wishes to play.

Among the various symbols that are present in the Jack Hammer game, the wild symbol is of utmost importance as it can increase the total winnings of the player by replacing all the other symbols. The only symbol that the wild symbol does not replace is the Scatter symbol which comes into effect for the Sticky Wins symbol. The Scatter symbol is a symbol of a time bomb ticking and has the word “freespin!” under it. This symbol explains itself and gives the player free spins at the slot machine. For a player to avail of this offer there must be a minimum of 5 time bomb symbols scattered all over the game on the reels. The number of symbols seen and the spins awarded are mentioned below.

5 symbols give 10 spins

6 symbols give 15 spins

7 symbols give 20 spins

8 symbols give 25 spins

9-15 symbols give 30 free spins

The winnings made in these free spins are multiplied by three giving the player a better chance to win big.

The most important symbol, the Sticky Wins symbol is one of the best chances a player gets to win big money. The way this works is that when a player has a combination that wins, that combination sticks and the other reels keep spinning. This allows the player to keep winning till he does not have any more winning combinations. Jack Hammer is a wonderful casino game for all ages to enjoy so go ahead and get started.